About me

As a creator, my main inspiration is discovery and continuous renewal, with which I can always focus on different areas.

In addition to textiles, which are the main tool of my creative personality, I have long been involved in natural art, where I create mostly site-specific installations individually and as a team.

For years, I have been consciously looking for common sections of the two large areas I have cultivated, which, in addition to the common unity of thought, has already manifested itself in ready-made projects in the field of ecodesign.

I consider the use of natural materials, recycling and environmental protection to be important principles as the cornerstones of a sustainable life and future.

I consider it a primary thing to respond in some way to the global problems around us, be it raising awareness, experimenting, developing innovative solutions, with which we offer new alternatives for the joint use of social awareness, art and science.

In the field of textile design, I mainly design carpets, some of which I made myself, some of which were made in cooperation with Hungarian textile workshops. For these, I am interested in structural design and the reinterpretation of traditional techniques based on the aesthetic and ecological needs of today.



2017 – 2019 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest / Textile department, MA
2008 – 2011 University of West Hungary / Artisan department, BA


2011 SYDA – Studio of Young Designers Association /FISE/
2018 SZETT – Rug Artists Association
2020 Symposion Society


2021 Power of Plants, MANK Gallery, Szentendre
2021 Design Without Borders, Kiscelli Museum, Budapest
2021 S/ALON BUDAPEST Interior Design Fair, Budapest
2021 IV. Rug Art Fest, Budapest
2021 VIII. Public Art, Mór 2021 VII. International Triennial of Textile Arts, Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely

2020 Home Design, Hungexpo, Budapest
2019 III. Rug Art Fest, Budapest
2019 Fresh Harvest Contemporary Design Salon exhibiton and fair, Fehérvárcsurgó
2019 III. Alternative Textile Symposion exhibition, Mária Magdolna Tower, Budapest 2019 Heimtextil, Frankfurt
2018 II. Rug Art Fest, Carpet-Magic-Carpet exhibitionh, Budapest
2018 VI. Public Art, Mór
2018 Green Bough International Eco Design Festival, Eco-Art exhibition, Budapest
2018 Home Design, Hungexpo, Budapest
2018 Heimtextil, Frankfurt
2016 10×10. 10 years/10 islands – Exhibition of the X. International Lake Velence Symposion, Velence
2016 Nature Art – Augmented Reality, MODEM, Debrecen
2015 IX. Grotesque Triennal, Kaposvár
2015 OFF-Biennale, Szombathely
2014 International Lake Velence Symposion, Hymn to the Sun exhibition, Dunaszerdahely
2012 4th Fresh Fise exhibition, FISE Gallery, Budapest
2011 FUGA, OMDK exhibition of first place winners, Budapest
2011 QUASI Blue-dyeing, Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely