Plant-powered Art: Highlights from an Organic Exhibition where Nature also Creates

Bettina Módra is a young Hungarian designer and environmental activist whose work reflects the fundamental need for green environments around us. In her artwork titled Green Touch, the rhythm of grass growth is the dominant feature, presenting a different image of the surface everyday, thereby spotlighting the beauty of nature. The installation can be freely shaped by visitors using seeds, highlighting the individual responsibility we all have in creating a more liveable and greener future through a communal effort. 

A layer of wool is the substrate on which the grass grows, providing a fertile environment for the plant. It also helps to make visible the evolution of the grass-pattern, allowing the entire surface to be lifted, moved and inspected. This way, the work does not become waste after the exhibition: placed in a natural environment, the conditions decide which parts will survive and which components will decompose completely. Could this also become a way to make our green spaces transportable for the future? Perhaps as our environments shift and large open spaces become scarce we will see innovative solutions such as the one offered by Bettina.