With our WE-knit scarf collection, we respond to the phenomenon of textile overproduction, for which we use leftover spools of yarn that can no longer be used in production or have become redundant in households.

With this customer attitude, we avoid the classic raw material market, thus significantly reducing the use of ecological resources in our products. The developed surfaces are born in a controlled random process, where the amount of yarns determines the development of the patterns. The color harmonies for each scarf are compiled in advance, and then the entire amount of yarn is used, so no waste or surplus is produced.

The scarves are made in a Hungarian knot in the size of 60*200 cm.
This unique size is not a classic scarf size, so in terms of their function, they can be worn as a blanket scarf.

Lanny Annabori

Rácmolnár Milán